I came to Nagoya, Japan in February of 1991 with my wife and young son, and have been teaching English as a foreign language to small classes of Japanese students ever since. The experience has always been challenging and rewarding. In the process of discovering what students need, and what they can respond to successfully, I have developed a curriculum and teaching approach that begins with, and then builds on,  the spoken language.

I feel very fortunate for my background, which has proven very useful in teaching and materials development. I grew up on a small farm in Massachusetts, USA, and worked as a farm hand, mechanic, salesman, fleet repair shop manager, tour bus driver,  operations manager, personnel manager and missionary, while living in California, New York and Texas before making the move to Japan.

The learning process never stops, and the work will never be done. I will always be thankful for each opportunity to improve, and to share that discovery. May this sharing be helpful to your work as well.           Peter Warner, 2011/5/10.

Give thanks for all we have, and give all we have with thanks.

Peter Warner


          Peter Warner (USA 1953 ~ )